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about skip;

When you sign up, you are allowed to skip one challenge. When you skip, you don't enter an icon, and are automatically moved through to the next round. Skips are usually used if you don't have the time to enter for a particular week, or if you forget, or for any multitude of reasons. If you do not enter a contest, and you have a skip left, it will be used for you.

When you sign up, you get one skip.
You may earn an additional skip if you pimp or promote this community.
If you win Voters Choice, you can earn an extra skip to get a total of 3, if you promoted but once you win more than once its only for bragging rights

pimping for a skip;

Make a public post in your journal, or a community that you are a member of, or moderate. Make sure to double check community rules, as not all communities allow pimping or promotion of other communities.
Feel free to use the form below:

claiming your skips;

Once you've pimped, use the form below to let us know and claim your skip.

using your skips;

You may comment to the challenge post or to this post to request the use of a skip.
You do not need to comment.
If you have a skip left, and you do not enter an icon, a skip will be used for you.

list of skips;

A list of participants and how many skips they have left. Find out below:




realproof (c2)

alorarose (c1)
sourpony (c1)
lydkami (c2)
flyingharmony (c2)
iwouldstoptime (c3, fte)
rosewing86 (c3, fte)
laracroft87 (c3)
shamethebells (c3)
goonie_freak (c6)
wildalyss (c4)
ladyofwolves (c6)
linesfade (c7)
nyaza (c8, fte)
syxstring (c8, fte)
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